My heart project for 2018 is something I've wanted to do for a long time now...The Luminous Tarot.

I've always loved the rich symbolism of the traditional Rider Waite Tarot deck, as illustrated by Pamela "Pixie" Colman Smith. But, in over 100 years the deck has suffered from numerous reprints. Pixie's careful drawings have degraded and the symbolism is difficult to make out. Additionally, after a century the deck feels out of touch with our society. There's a reason #tarotsowhite is a hashtag on Twitter, the Rider Waite deck is indeed woefully lacking in diversity. 

All this in mind, I've set out to re-create the deck. I'm following A. E. Waite's symbolism and Pixie's styling but putting my own spin on things, as an experienced Tarot user, I've got a few ideas. ;)

Firstly, diversity of skin tones and ethnicities is paramount. Secondly I'm striving to clarify the symbolism and draw attention to previously hidden elements wherever I can. For instance the eagle on The Fool's bag, and the kinds of trees behind The Empress have been distorted in re-prints of Rider Waite, in my deck they are clearly discernible. 

I'll be sharing my progress here on my website, as well as on Instagram, my Facebook page, and via my newsletter. I invite you to join me. I'd love to hear your thoughts, your suggestions and feedback and to share in this journey with you. 

Let' start shall we? And so it begins...with...

The Fool

The Magician

The High Priestess

The Empress

The Emperor

The Hierophant

The Lovers

The Chariot


The Hermit

Wheel of Fortune

More coming soon...