About Works In Progress

I have a Work In Progress shot on the front page of my website. Alas it is not finished yet. But it will be! I promise.

I used to work on an image frantically until it was finished. When I was younger my body could handle this. NO MORE! I just can't do all nighters hunched over my drawing desk any more. But I've found that because I cannot work at the same frantic pace anymore I am more susceptible to becoming a little bored with an image. Well bored isn't really the right word. I'm rarely bored with an image while creating it (trust me the ones that have bored me never see the light of day) - it's more that at some point during the creation process you are just DONE with it and ready to move on to the next idea.

The challenge for me is trying to ward off that feeling for as long as possible. Because once I'm in that place - I'm no longer working as hard to do my best on the image. Once I'm in that place I'll just rush through till the end to get the piece done. And that is a dangerous thing to do. It inhibits creativity and growth. These days I work on several images at a time to stave off complacency.

The piece on the front page of my website is basically my interpretation of the Celtic Goddess Bloduewedd. I have many images planned in a series of Goddess - she is the first. I'm excited about the imagery I am hoping to project in those images - but more about that later. She is not the topic for today.

As I said I tend now to work on more then one piece at a time. My new WIP is a re- interpretation of Snow White. I plan on documenting the journey I go through with creating this image so that I can share with you my working process for my digital paintings. Since I began painting digitally I've found that so many people are really unclear as to what exactly goes into a digital painting. That is understandable because there are so many ways to create what is reffered to as digital art. I myself actually work very traditionally when painting digitally. I'll share the process here as best I can. (And when I get my new computer I'll start painting live again! Right now my computer can't handle the strain.)