SkwerlArt Tweetstakes

Alrighty Folks! Let's have us a Skwerlgrrl Art Sweepstakes on Twitter!

Here's the rules:

1. Read Skwerlgrrl tweets to see some song lyrics posted.

2. RT or reply @skwerlgrrl with the hashtag #SkwerlArt - in your reply include either more song lyrics from the song I posted - or the Title of the song.

3. Tomorrow Morning (May 1st) I'll choose a winner from the CORRECT entries. I will choose ONE winner RANDOMLY.

4. Only enter once - don't keep retweeting the same thing a bunch of times. It won't improve your chances and it pisses the Twitter people off.


The prize is a $12.00 gift certificate to my online shop. This is the same price as a signed print. So you can use the Gift Certificate to get a free signed print and only pay shipping to where-ever you are in the world. Or you can use the Gift Certificate to offset a larger purchase.

I have links on my site to other sites that sell merchandise I license - like shirts and figurines. The gift certificate DOES NOT apply to those items. It only applies to items I sell. The items I sell directly are prints, necklaces, and lockets only.



If you like my art and aren't already following me - please do!

Consider signing up for my mailing list! You get a discount code to my shop when you sign up (cannot be combined with other offers)

This little shindig is Twitter only. I'll consider running other sweepstakes on other networks at other times. Let just stick to this for now!

Post any questions in the comments and thanks for participating!