Neil Gaiman Munny - or what I did on my spring break

"Whatchya been up to lately?" a friend of mine asked me. We hadn't talked in weeks. Not since before my husband went in for his shoulder surgery (and subsequent heart attack from complications and two weeks in hospital and yeah when he does stuff he goes BIG - he's all better now).

"What new art do you have?" Ehhhhh....silence from my end.

Gosh - I had nothing new. My Muse, I realized - had been hiding in the closet. I 'spect she was afraid to trouble me with her demands whilst I was in the aftermath of tidying up our lives post "unexpected hospital stay". But things are relatively back to normal now. I've been spring cleaning and getting ready for Spoutwood Fairie Festival (Shameless Plug - May 1-3 in PA - Charles Vess, Linda Ravenscroft, Holly Black, Jessica Galbreth, Myself and Jane Starr Weils will be in the Faery Magazine booth).

But no new art.

So I tried to start some new things. They were going well and will be lovely when finished but my heart just wasn't in it. My muse was on vacation, she wasn't accepting my calls, and apparently doesn't Twitter. So I decided I needed to do something purely fun. Just for the joy of it. No expectations - no rules - no demands. Something to recharge my creative battery.

Aha! I had just the thing.

I've been wanting to do a series of custom Munny's for a while now. A collection of inspiring action figure heroes and heroines of literature. I could just see them with their adorable oversized heads and pensive gazes.

But who to do first? Of course the classics are always a good bet - Poe, Jane Austen, George Sand, Oscar Wilde, Hemingway, etc. etc.  Or a Science Fiction and fantasy icon like Heinlein or Asimov.

Hmmm decision decisions. I'd just about decided to start with Wilde when I remembered that one of my favorite authors of all time had Twittered most adorably about his winning of the Newbery. I realized I'd been discriminating against writers still living. How unfair! And so it was decided. My first literary icon Munny would be Neil Gaiman.

And just as reading his books has always moved, inspired, and delighted me - so too sculpting his likeness in chubby, childish Munny form has completely recharged my batteries. I just love it when art is FUN.