Unfair Things - Steampunk Doll

I finished a new piece that is very special to me. I'm quite pleased with her I must say. :)

I envision her as a self created Steampunk inspired doll creature - who collects to her other creatures and things for own dubious purposes. My husband commented that he felt a certain menace in her - just under the surface and my sister said she is "alarming limbless". So yes based on these comments I think I managed to project what I wanted. *evil wink*.

Text reads "Bring to me a fitting portion of string... an aether lamp and unfair things".

This image is part of my collection for my gallery show this coming Fall 2009. The theme for this first show is the same as my website title "Winged Things & Improbable Machines." And yes it will feature steampunk art - or at least works that are steampunk inspired - however that will not be the main focus but rather one element.

The majority of the collection will be Silverpoint Drawings on antique bookpaper. I've perfected a process to allow me to draw on this paper and the results are stunning. I've also been working on my own technique for aging and staining new paper.

I'll talk more about the exhibit in coming months and share what art I can. In the meantime I hope you enjoy "Unfair Things".

Signed prints are available HERE

Oh yes! And in other news I am also now offering SteamBee as a print all by himself. I can't tell you how many requests I have gotten for exactly this - so happy to tell you he's now available! (or she I don't honestly know if SteamBee is a male or female - up to you I suppose!) Buy HERE



New Silverpoint Drawings & Exhibit Update


I've two new silverpoint drawings to share - they can be found in the Mineral Deposits Gallery. I'll be offering prints soon so stay tuned for that announcement.

The originals of these images however won't be for sale for a while as I have to save all new art for my upcoming exhibit at a gallery here in Maryland. The exciting thing is that the gallery has chosen a date right after Faeriecon - this is wonderful for the show as Faeriecon is in Baltimore (ish) this year and since the exhibit is also in Maryland and only about an hour from Baltimore it's a GREAT opportunity for me to promote the gallery show at FaerieCon. I'm really happy with how that worked out.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this show and it's theme. The gallery itself is owned by an incredibly famous author of whom I am a fan - my understanding is that I am one of the first major exhibits at this new gallery - which is just thrilling for me. I'll be revealing more about the theme of the show in coming weeks. Some of the images I will share here - others I will show only a portion of or not at all. Ha! You'll have to come to the show (or wait till it's over) to see many of the pieces.

Oh! One of the silverpoint drawings doesn't have a name yet! I'm taking suggestions!

Happy Mother's Day all!



Two New Drawings

I have two new drawings to share today! Go to the Mineral Deposits Gallery to see "Repose" and "Reflection". These pieces were drawn in graphite on hand stained paper. I use a special formula of organics to stain my paper - regular watercolor would interfere too much with the tooth of the paper so I developed my own nasty bath of a variety of things with which to stain my papers. It works well ;) The white heightening is just white Prismacolor pencil.