Steampunk Art - Dr. Jekyll Meet Mr. Hyde

Before I head off for a busy Saturday I thought I would post my VERY rough preliminary sketch for Mr. Hyde. This is the drawing that features a Mask by Tom Banwell.

Well, actually I have two sketches here and thought it might be worth posting both as they are a good example of my "process".

This first image (above) is the original sketch - drawn in graphite on vellum paper.


This second image is a great example of how I use photoshop to assist me in the creation process. Even when I will be painting a piece in pigments (as opposed to painting digitally) I rely on the computer a great deal to allow me to experiment and play with a piece to find the best composition.

In the above example you can see I added shading to his jacket, hat and background - this was just a small visual adjustment since I spent very little time shading this sketch with values but rather focused on the development of Hyde's mechanical enhancements. The resulting sketch was so lacking in any kind of depth I found it a little distracting and so quickly added some digitally.

I also adjusted the angle of the gripping hands to make them a bit more menacing and active in the portrait. They may need further adjusting still. The last addition was a bloody smear of color. These portraits will be painted in grayscale but I do want to play with a splash of vivid red on Hydes portrait - a smear or fingerprint could be very interesting. *wicked grin*

Alright I'm off to a lunch appointment. I'll be back later on to keep working on this piece. I'm really enjoying it!