New Perfume Lockets and a Customizable Print

Well after a year of development I can finally share with you a new product I am very proud of. Secret Scents are jewelry, art and fragrance in one piece of wearable goodness. :) These beautiful lockets feature art prints on the outside and inside hold a very fragrant secret - solid perfume! This product was an original idea about a year ago - and I was so excited when I thought of it - but I wanted to be sure they were done right. The locket needed to be big enough to showcase the art but not cumbersome - the perfume had to be stable in it's solid form and of course smell wonderful and the whole thing had to be high quality but not overly expensive. After working with one of my licensing companies we finally hit upon the right combination of quality materials - most of which are made in the USA - that would give us the beautiful product we wanted but without breaking our customer's wallets. The result is a really stunning piece of jewelry at what I think is an unbelievable price point! On my website you will see our first four lockets featuring some of my post popular images. But what we haven't told you yet is that we have more artists waiting in the wings. We'll be releasing several more artists over the next few months - each with their own set of four Secret Scents lockets all with unique fragrances and stunning artwork. I can't wait!

On to our next product! Flower Fairy is a customizable Victorian inspired fairy art print. She's perfect as a gift for a fairy lover or to decorate a little girl's room. Enjoy!