Free Regency Desktop Wallpaper

Because I feel like I'm neglecting you all if I don't regularly shower you with freebies and new art - I'm sharing with you today this desktop wallpaper I made myself. It's an alteration I did of a painting by Michel Martin Drolling called Portrait of an Artist (1819). 

When I saw this painting it immediately struck me as an almost perfect portrait of a character in the novel I'm writing. He doesn't have a name yet actually, but I know him so well. To fuel my imagination I played with Drolling's painting and tweaked it towards an even better likeness of the image I have in my head. At some point I plan on repainting it completely in a total likeness of my character. In the meantime I made my adaptation into a desktop wallpaper. It sits on my computer and inspires me every day. Here I share it with you. 

Jane Austen & Nikola Tesla

So about a year ago I made this Nikola Tesla image and it's been one of my best selling shirts EVER.


Tragically today I was a total twit and accidentally deleted it. Of course I re-uploaded it immediately but now the buying link for it has changed, which means all over the internet where this has been shared the link is now busted. (HERE'S THE NEW LINK IF YOU WANT TO BUY THE NIKOLA TESLA SHIRT OR HOODIE) It means all the lovely reviews and comments it got are now gone. I suck. I was sad. 

To relieve my sadness I made this new design - Jane Austen!!! (HERE'S THE LINK FOR THE JANE AUSTEN SHIRT OR HOODIE IF YOU WANT TO BUY ONE)


All these shirts come in just about any size or color you want. You can also get hoodies. I'm thinking of making more shirts along these lines. If you have a suggestion of an awesome dead person you'd like me to do then let me know. Yes I'll probably do a POE one.