Gratitude & Freebies

^This is a present for you!^

I know a lot of us are going through tough times right now. Things are rough - the economy sucks, politicians seem to be going crazy, family members get sick, people are being laid off. Yikes, there's a lot of hurt going around! And a lot of stress. I wish there was something I could do.

I know when I'm feeling down, what helps me fight the stress the most it is to keep gratitude in my heart. (I know this is all very sappy, bear with me). I think about how things could be worse - I think about the positive things in my life - what I have to feel fortunate about. Gratitude helps so very much.

I was thinking about this all the other day as I watched my Facebook timeline fill up with a lot of rather depressing status updates from friends, aquaintances and members of my Facebook Fanpage. I wished there was a way to give all my "virtual friends" a gift, a little warm fuzzy to cheer them up. If you all lived in my neighborhood I'd bring you a batch of chocolate chip cookies. But you don't....So what to do?

So I'm doing what I always do - I'm sharing art. I love to share freebies of course (desktop wallpapers HERE, Geek Kid Crafts HERE) but I wanted to share something that people could share forward, that you could pass around, email to a friend etc. Hmmm....

Then this week I read this article about butterflies and it all kind of came together. The article says (in a nutshell) that scientists have discovered that butterflies, with their looping trajectory that looks random and directionless, actually follow a flightpath.

I thought this was such a great metaphor for life, especially the kind of life many of us are living right now. As much as our path may loop and dive and appear to veer off course, we must still keep our eyes focused on the future and our wings committed to the flightpath.

So there's your gift (above) .... please feel free to share it however you see fit! (No commercial usage of course)

And I promise to make you more. Because I'm so grateful for you.



Journals, Skins, Freebies & Steampunk Art

Alright people lots to share!

New Journals from Modofly!

These journals are so awesome! I can't even begin to describe how totally cool they are in person.

And they are made in the USA! These ship directly from Modofly - not from me.

So if you want one CLICK HERE. 





Skinit - protective skins for your electronic goodies

Skinit has 4 of my images available as skins for just about every electronic device you can imagine.

There are two Steampunk designs, one Wolf, and one Kitchen Witch available  - CLICK HERE


Free Desktop Wallpaper!

And last but not least SteamBee is finally available as a free desktop wallpaper.

Download him HERE


Thats it for today!



A Sketch a Day? We'll See

I've never been a terribly prolific artist. I don't crank out a big body of new work in any given year. I'm pretty comfortable with that - as I think there are pros and cons to prolific vs. non prolific - so for the most part I don't sweat it.

That said I have this exhibit coming up and I kind of need to have some ART for it. And while I am comfortable on the whole with my process I would like to become just a tad more prolific. I'll never be the type to offer up to the masses a new painting every two days. My process just doesn't allow for that. I'm not knocking anyone! I am in awe of those of you who have that ability - it just ain't me. But, that said, practice makes perfect.

Drawing or sketching daily regularly may not make me better but it does keep my head and my hands in the space they need to be.

I think back to times in my life where I have for whatever reason been actively DRAWING DAILY and it was a tremendous boon to my overall creative spirit. It just got the juices flowing and the head in the right space for overall creative energy. That is something that I really need right now. With the responsibilities of daily adult life constantly struggling for my attention its hard to be in the right creative mood when I am "supposed" to be.

So for a while now I've been trying to just draw or sketch for a certain amount of time every day. I don't have a perfect score. Not by a long shot. But it still has been great.

I've made sure to go ahead with this exercise even when I have plans to work on a larger piece of art that same day. Sometimes I just sketch for 5 minutes sometimes an hour. This does wonders to get me into the creative mood and I've felt more connected to my work overall when I've allowed myself this warm up time for sketching. Most of the pieces I have been doing have been small ATC/ACEO* sized images in either graphite or silverpoint.

The other day I did a larger one.

It's available as a print (directly from me so yes it is signed!)

Many of the larger drawings will end up in the show in November. Most of the smaller ones I plan to give away. ;)




*what is an ATC or ACEO? It stands for Artist Trading Card or Artist Card Edition or Original - they are 2.5x3.5 inches in size. More info here.