Studio Sale!

Happy Monday! I want to invite you to participate in a Studio Sale I'm having this week!

All this week I'll be cleaning out my studio and offering a wide variety of original oil paintings, drawings and sketches for sale for the first time ever!
Available works include many of my older Fairy Pieces - so if you are a lover of fairies you are in for a treat. I've also got some lovely black and white graphite drawings in steampunk and mechanical genres and some rough sketches at a great price.

I'll be on Twitter and Facebook sharing photos and info about the pieces as I clean the studio. Feel free to follow me on Twitter or my Facebook Fan Page and if you see something you like make me an offer! Just tweet back at me or post something to my facebook fan page. If you prefer to make an offer privately you can email me.


Oh and don't forget I'm blogging about Bravo TV's reality show "Work of Art - the next great artist" Read my weekly recaps of the show at my other blog

Fairy Fantasy Art Coloring Book

When you are an artist and you have a little girl, and you've been known to draw a fairy or two, eventually it is inevitable that you will be asked by the little girl, to make her a coloring book.

My coloring book was slowly created over the course of a few years. I simply scanned and kept the line art for a variety of pieces, and would print them out for my daughter on demand.

Now I'm sharing these collected works with you. You can buy the book! It's a digital download. Instant gratification!

Buy it for the kid in your life, or for yourself! I know lots of grown ups who like coloring (me included).

You can print the book out as often as you like. Just please don't share it with friends.

At just $6.00 its affordable to all! click the image to buy the book