Ancient Angels - Flower Series

I just finished a series of commercial paintings I've named Flower Angels. It's a series I've had on my "to do" list for a while but not having eight arms I just hadn't gotten to it yet. But as trends ebb and flow, so does the pressure from the manufacturers one works with. So when my manufacturers get louder, I tend to have to rearrange my painting schedule a bit. This is how these four angels flew (so to speak) to the top of my list. ;)

Angels are calming and inspiring (my friend and fellow artist Jessica Galbreth paints lovely, ethereal angels ) and while they are always beloved, it does seem they are enjoying a bit of a spike in popularity right now. And why not? With roots that run as deep as Ancient Sumeria and being an integral part of the spiritual doctrine of many of the worlds religions; angels are at once a symbol of hope and comfort to many people.

I hope I did justice to the spirit I was trying to capture. I hope you find the images inspiring. (To Buy Prints CLICK HERE)

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