Thriving in Chaos

Phew! I'm exhausted. For those that don't know my family and I recently made a move from rural(ish) Maryland to the suburbs of Dallas Texas. The move was stressful and daunting, but we survived, and are now happily settling in, finding our tribe, and enjoying our new pool!

One fantastic feature of this new house is the size of my studio. My studio in our old house was basically an open parlor space, that in modern terms really functioned better as an open hallway then it did a private studio. In our new home I've taken over the front formal living/dining combo so popular to modern homes and I'm so stoked about the extra space!

This extra space means I'll be able to stock more of my own licensed products here, which will result in one stop shopping for my customers. You'll be able to buy more items directly from me, which is great!

Right now I'm just working hard on unpacking, then organizing our entire house while at the same time continuing to work. I've accepted that fine tuning this house to suit our needs will take several months, and that we'll need to get rid of even more "clutter" then we did before we left. At the same time I'm working on our house though, I'm also continuing to make new art for you!

I'll be at FaerieCon in Baltimore Maryland at the beginning of November and I want to have as much new and exciting art for you as possible. I hope to see you there!

On the Drawing Board:

 Secret Scents Perfume Lockets - the Vintage Romance series for the perfume lockets is almost complete and we are planning to release the line this fall! Very soon! You can follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest developments. Additionally all the enchanting fairytale images from the Vintage Romance series will be available as prints and other products. Yay!


SteamBabes - Steampunk PinUp! I did the first SteamBabe for a poster for the Steampunk World's Fair. It was ridiculously popular! So popular I've now drafted some close friends (and fellow artists) to pose for new SteamBabes. Artists Amy Brown and Ash Evans will soon be SteamBabes, and friend Angela Brenneman doesn't know it yet, but she will be too!




Celtic Knotwork & Shamanic Art - Years ago I did a lot of Celtic knotwork and Shamanic/New Age Spiritual art. I've recently returned to these roots, and I've been so inspired by the process. Some of what I'm working on is Celtic Knotwork. Years ago I designed an entire line of Celtic Knotwork jewelry for a Welsh Jewelry manufacturer. I learned so much, not the least of which is that I enjoy designing knotwork immensely. I've also tentatively returned to painting animals, sometimes adding various totem creatures to the knotwork designs other times depicting them in their own mystical vignettes. You can follow all of this progress on my Facebook FanPage. In the meantime to the left is a piece of knotwork I designed yesterday in between unpacking boxes. This piece will be rendered as is, AND will also serve as the background for another piece I'm working on with a fox and ravens!


Fine Art - Personally when I use the term Fine Art, I mean my personal art. I mean the work I do that doesn't fit neatly into one theme or another, isn't created for a product in mind, or as part of an ongoing series. This work tends to reflect a bit of all the ideas I'm currently exploring or obsessed with, and is full of symbolism. At the moment I have about half a dozen pieces in various stages of conception. My favorite, and the one slated to be completed first is at the left. It features three lovely ladies and friends who are frequent decorations at Faery Events. Virginia, Lindsey and Angela should possibly consider charging us artists for the privilege of painting them. Their lovely faces serve as perpetual muses to many contemporary fantasy/surreal artists. I'm so happy to know them and that they consented to be painted, yet again!


PHEW! Well that is it for now folks. Remember follow me on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook to get the latest updates. And feel free to email me any questions!

As always....

Thanks for liking my art!