Painting Live & Tutorials

This year I'm so glad to finally be regularly painting live on my channel. This is something I've wanted to do for years, but it was a little challenging to get all the right elements into place.

(Keep in mind that my live painting sessions are all digital. I don't paint live when working in traditional mediums. That would involve more equipment and set up and ugh, forget it)

Weekdays between the hours of 9am and 4pm Eastern Standard USA time - are when I'm most likely to be painting.

I thought about having a set time each week, but that's just not my nature. So if you wish to catch me painting live you're best bet is to follow my Twitter or Facebook. I always announce when I'm painting.

Tutorials & Instruction:  I've also had a lot of interest in and requests for tutorials and digital painting instruction. I do have some free painting tutorials up on YouTube already. But some people have expressed a desire for live instruction. I solicited some feedback about this and the thing is, everyone is busy, and everyone is on a budget. There was NO consensus of a good time of day, or week, or frequency, or price range.

But we shall not let that deter us!

Here's my solution for right now. I'll paint live whenever I feel like it. I'll take Q&A, and demonstrate things on request. These sessions will be recorded so you can catch them later if you want. I've set up a PayPal donate button. So if you participate in a session and you find it helpful or you watch a recorded session and you liked it - please consider donating. Any amount is very much appreciated.

Requests: IF you want me to try to hold a session at a particular time, or address a particular topic - please just email me. I'll do my best to accommodate you (keeping in mind I've got a family etc).