Can the world buy such a jewel?

Yea, and a case to put it into.

~ Shakespeare - Much Ado About Nothing.

Yeah yeah I know my Shakespeare geek is showing but at least I didn't go all "parting is such sweet sorrow" on everyone. *shudders*

...getting to the point......

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Munny Dolls are now for sale.

They weren't before.

They are now.

Mostly because, well frankly I need a new computer. And partly because I'm moving on to new completely original Munny designs and I'd like to find these two a good home before I do that.

Buy em together - buy em separate - that's up to you. Personally I think they are better as a set.

They come in their original Munny boxes and shipping is on me.

If you are interested send me an email with your offer. Serious offers only please.

If you have no idea what a serious offer is - that's understandable - drop me a line anyway.  I won't be miffed atchya - promise.

Just don't be like the dude that emailed me and was all "I so totally love Amanda I just gotta have this and I'm really poor right now and could you just send it to me and I'll pay you some when I can because like I totally have to have it." Because while such a plea will succeed in impressing upon me the sheer magnitude of your obsession devotion - it will not in fact succeed in procuring these fine sculptures for you. Alas I cannot buy a new computer on the credit of devotion. I tried - and was harshly rebuffed by a squad of stringy knights berobed in blue in yellow.


Right.......Great stocking Stuffers!!!


P.S. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of these two will be donated to The American Heart Association. We did this with the I <3 Steampunks shirts and it was awesome. So your purchase will not only result in you getting a cool custom toy - but it will also help fight Heart Disease. Bonus!




Amanda Palmer Munny

I could start this post with some adorable Omnipotent-Beingish reference to:

"Snapping off a bit of Neil Gaiman Munny's plastic rib to create the Avante-Garde-Punk-Cabaret-Musical-Eve to his Epic-Writer Comic-SuperNerd-Adam".

But I won't. Seriously that would be lame. So if you need some obvious payoff along those lines just whip it up privately in your head, make it witty and whisper it back to yourself quietly. Now giggle a little. Okay all done? Can we move on?

Thank you.

So you all knew this was coming right? I mean you could feel it I 'spect? Yeah I thought so. (I hate being predictable)

When NG and AFP announced their couple status (were you shocked? no? me neither. ) anyone I knew that knew about Neil Gaiman Munny immediately began bugging to make AFP Munny.

And I'd swear even little NG Munny himself looked up at me imploringly as well; pining tinyly with a little British accent.

So I took a short detour from my current Work In Progress (Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde epic steampunk black and white diptych) to wax poetic in technicolor creating Ms. Palmer.

She was so FUN to create. (I love it when art is FUN!) The eyes were my favorite bit of course. (oooooo the colors ;P)

Here are some more pictures CLICK