Desk Area

Our house is 246 years old with a 20 year old addition. In the 4 years we have lived in this house my studio has moved 4 times! But the forth time was the charm apparently because I am very happy in my current space! The studio is now located in the previously unused parlor on the main floor of the house. This room is large and lovely but was not used by our family - we used it more as a hallway to access the rooms that flow off of this one - t.v. room, bathroom, and two small winding staircases from the original structure. The Parlor is basically a room in the original structure that connects the original house to the addition where the kitchen is. I love having my studio in this room as it allows me to work quietly home alone during the day or to be a part of family activities while drawing on the weekends. From the parlor I am only about 10 feet from the t.v. room and I can work yet still listen to television or video games that my family might be watching or playing. (I am just not a t.v. person - don't ask me to sit and watch television - yuck - can't do it!)

In this photo you can see I have my work area set up in a U shape. Crafts and paperwork are done on the white table on the left. Computer work and digital art at the dark wood table - and to the right of that table is my printer and then my drawing/painting/sculpting desk. I'm really happy with this set up.