Corel Painter Master - I need your help!

Guess what? I've been chosen for the final round of voting for 2016 Corel Painter Masters! Corel Painter Masters are ambassadors for the program and considered experts in digital painting. If chosen I'll will be sharing tips, tricks, tutorials and techniques with aspiring digital artists. I've gotta tell ya, this has been something I've been interested in doing for years, and I consider it an honor to even be in the running. I'd love the opportunity to share what I know about this amazing program with you. So if you are an aspiring painter and you think I might have some cool stuff to show you...VOTE for me! If you just like my art and want me to make lots more...VOTE!

Voting ends January 17th. Please note you can vote for more than one person, as they will be choosing more than one Painter Master. Additionally, you don't NEED to vote for me, please only do so if you genuinely want to. :)