Copyright Infringement Nichole Peacock Part 2

Update on the Nichole Peacock copyright infringement issue. Read the first post about this issue HERE.

Ms. Peacock is making claims about this issue on social media. I'd like to address these claims by stating a few facts. 

NO Ms. Peacock has NOT resolved her infringement issues with all the artists involved.  In one case she has retroactively licensed work from an artist. That is true. However that doesn't negate the fact that she initially infringed on that artist's work, despite her claims to the contrary. I've removed the documentation of the infringements on that artist, from my original blog on the topic, at that artist's request. This should NOT be taken as evidence that the infringement didn't happen.

In my own case Ms. Peacock signed the cease and desist from my attorney, paid restitution/royalties on prints of my work that she admitted she sold, and she offered up an apology. I did, at that time, consider my situation with her resolved. After recent statements made publicly by Ms. Peacock I no longer consider our issue resolved, and I am exploring taking further legal action.

As to the other artists involved, and there are many, (some of whom I have not documented here and who have not commented publicly) I cannot speak for them. I can say, that to the best of my knowledge, the issues with Ms. Peacock's copyright infringement of artists, are by and large not resolved. Artists have informed me that they are consulting with attorneys, and exploring options.

So it ain't over, till it's over...and it ain't over. Despite Ms. Peacock's claims to the contrary.

Ms. Peacock claims that all the infringing work is old and she never offered it for sale.


This is categorically untrue.

Thanks to the WayBack Machine, you can see for yourself.  A prime example is this gallery of wood burned art, all offered for sale. Please note artist Angela Sasser's work, and artist Stephanie Law's work on that page, as wood burned creations offered for sale by Ms. Peacock.

Here's another example. 

Sherwood Forest Faire has made several statements in emails, that Ms. Peacock has told them she's resolved all the issues with all the artists. Again this is untrue, and SFF should consider verifying these claims before believing them. Strangely, one of the people they made this claim to, was an artist who was reporting an infringement to them. This artist made it clear that their issue was NOT resolved, and somehow SFF seemed to miss the point of that exchange. Additionally several artists have told me that they've contacted SFF many times and received no response at all. Keep in mind SFF has asked for artists to contact them. So it seems strange that they are so unresponsive. 

Below is documentation of the infringements on Angela Sasser's work.