If you can't beat 'em...


See this image. *points up* This was stolen off my website and altered in photoshop. Someone took the original and wiped out my original text (badly I might add, you can still see some of it if you look closely) and then they put their own quote on the image. This person did not ask my permission, nor did they credit me. This is my original version *points down*.


Folks - this is obnoxious and wrong. DON’T be like this person. Ask and receive permission before you do anything to someone else’s art, and always credit the artist. 

To add insult to injury this new version of my piece with the sleep blessing is very popular on Facebook and Pinterest right now. It's been shared widely. At last count over 10,000 times on Facebook alone. That's 10,000 people that never got to find out who was the artist who created the piece. Those are potential fans, potential customers and potential infringers. See since there was no credit - all of those sharers are at risk of having their accounts suspended each time I report the infringement. Trust me, I don't want anyone's account suspended, I just don't want my art manipulated without permission and I always want credit where credit is due.

This has been so frustrating! Well today I had an idea. I looked online to find the source of the sleep blessing and everywhere I've looked it's listed as unknown or anonymous or with no credit at all.* Soooo....I've made my own version. I've even added prints to my shop. 


I think this will be part of my tactics from now on. When I see a copyright infringement of my work, I'll make my own version and share that version as widely as I can. Since I'm working from the original files, since I don't have to crudely photoshop out my own name and watermarks - I figure the finished product will be far superior to whatever the original offender made. 

You can buy prints here.


* Believe me...I know. Hypocrisy alert! Just because it's not credited doesn't mean there isn't a poet out there fuming that his/her sleep blessing is being shared without credit all over the 'verse. I tell you this much though, when that poet gets in touch with me, they'll get immediate action from me, an ally in the struggle, and royalties. So *shrug* I'm pretty comfortable with this decision.