Free Regency Desktop Wallpaper

Because I feel like I'm neglecting you all if I don't regularly shower you with freebies and new art - I'm sharing with you today this desktop wallpaper I made myself. It's an alteration I did of a painting by Michel Martin Drolling called Portrait of an Artist (1819). 

When I saw this painting it immediately struck me as an almost perfect portrait of a character in the novel I'm writing. He doesn't have a name yet actually, but I know him so well. To fuel my imagination I played with Drolling's painting and tweaked it towards an even better likeness of the image I have in my head. At some point I plan on repainting it completely in a total likeness of my character. In the meantime I made my adaptation into a desktop wallpaper. It sits on my computer and inspires me every day. Here I share it with you.