Sharing Art on Social Media


There are two parts to this post. One to Artists and Creatives and another to Customers/Fans/Supports. Read either sections or both. :)


I've always believed that artists who support each other do better, not worse. The more art the merrier I say. Sharing the work of others only builds prosperity for all, it does not diminish my work or damage my sales. It won't hurt you either, it will only help. Social marketing can be a great tool, but with Facebook constantly changing their interface and charging for us to speak to our fanbase well - it gets exhausting.

To that end I'm going to be making a deliberate effort to share the work of others EVEN MORE. I invite everyone to do the same. I'm tweaking my Fanpage and making sure that my Fanpage "likes" as many artists as I can.

Please - if you have a Fanpage let me know and invite me to like it. I'll be happy to do so and I'll happily share your content. Please consider reciprocating.

Also when I say artists - I really mean anything creative. Writers, musicians, dancers, macaroni crochet artists. Whatever. Let me know, let me share your work. 

The image above is a suggested hashtag to use in your own posts that you feel are particularly shareworthy. Some websites support hashtags, others don't. Regardless it's a good way of separating your important updates (that you really really want shared) from your everyday updates to your fan base. 

For instance, obviously I don't need people to share my Instagram photos of what I had for breakfast. But if I have a sale, or a new piece of art, or a project I've been working on is suddenly coming to fruition, or if I'm doing an appearance somewhere - THOSE would be things I'd tag to let people know "this is something that would be great to have shared".


One of the biggest ways you can help an artist you like, is by sharing. Please, please, please share. Your friends (the nice ones anyway) will love when you share things with them! And the more you share, the better it is for the artist you like. It builds their business, which in turn allows them to create even more of the content you enjoy.

Some people have said to me that they don't like to share the things they find because they don't want something they like to become too popular. They like to feel as if they have discovered a special little hidden nugget that not everyone knows about. Listen I understand. I do. But if an artist stays too obscure.. well obscurity doesn't pay well and making art on an empty stomach is rough. Please share.

I've also run into this attitude with giveaways that depended on people sharing to be a success. I've had fans tell me that they didn't want to share the info about the giveaway because it lessened their chances of winning. I understand - sort of. But that philosophy makes me really sad. I'm not getting rich at this art thing ya'll. A giveaway costs me money and while I'm happy to do it, part of the purpose of a giveaway is exposure to grow my fan base to court some sales so that I can continue making beautiful art for you. So please keep in mind that the more you share, the more I can CONTINUE doing giveaways. The more successful they are, the more giveaways I will do and THAT increases your chances of winning! So share share share! PLEASE share.