Desktop Wallpaper - Faux Daguerreotype

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I painted this the other day. He's a character from the story I'm writing. I was going for a daguerreotype effect and I'm rather pleased with how he turned out. I can't take complete credit for his beauty.  Frequently I make up my characters faces with limited reference - that was not true with this piece. As I said on Facebook he's "3 parts Sean O'Pry, 2 parts Morten Harket, 1 part Josh Harnett and a dash of one of my cousins. Also a bunch of vintage photo reference found on Pinterest with the pose being lifted from one guy in particular and the tie is from a photo of my favorite poet Rupert Brooke."

As for more info about the character, I don't want to say to much but I will leave with you this:  

There are many things by which he was judged, the tremor in his hands, his coarsely woven speech, the uncommon beauty of his face; none of these were the truth of the man, my brother. Others looked on him as a child does the clouds, finding form in mist. Convinced that what they perceived was a secret revealed to them alone, in truth they saw only their own longing, reflected back in pale blue eyes. A lie to satisfy a delusion - they created him as they desired him to be, as they needed him to be. They schemed to plunder his goodness.

~ Marie Detoilesaile speaking of her brother Raymond


(be gentle, that's a bit of unedited writing)