Be Careful What You Wish For . . .

You can read all of this to find out what I've been up too. Or you can skip to THE GOOD BIT below.

Over a year ago I made a wish. I wished to live in a newer house that required less maintenance (our current house is 250 years old), in a warmer climate with a lower cost of living. I wished for a studio with a door on it. I wished for my husband to have employment that was lower stress and afforded him more free time. I wished that my own art career would continue on the upwards trajectory with more of my income contributing to the household income - with the eventual hope that my income would become the primary source and my husband could enjoy even more free time. As the saying goes be careful what you wish for.

Two months ago my husband was laid off. Within a month he had a new job, we'll be moving to Texas to accommodate this new position. This means we'll be buying a new house, moving to a warmer climate with a lower cost of living and my husband will be working some from an office in Texas and some from home. Meanwhile my art career has surged, and I've more work on my plate, more licensing gigs, commissions, projects and inspiration then I know what to do with. All this is wonderful. But it's rather stressful too.

The mere thought of moving across the country with 2 dogs and 2 cats and a huge house full of crap is just so very exhausting mentally. I have a dozen artwork commitments all due in a month. I have a little girl about to go into middle school. I have to sell one house and buy another. I have to get rid of some of this crap. I hope my new studio has a door. I really NEED a DOOR.

But when I start to feel overwhelmed I remind myself that I asked for all of this. Did I think I would just wake up one day in a new state with a new home? Am I so spoiled that I have the nerve to complain and feel overwhelmed about life changes that are ultimately good? NONE of this is insurmountable. Dealing with the aftermath of a Tsunmai is what qualifies as insurmountable. I'm happy and healthy, so is my family, and we have to move to Texas this summer. This is, in the grand scheme of life's challenges, an easy one. So I'll shut up about it already. And share some new art with you. ;)


(First and foremost I'm working on a bookcover for my dear friend - author Natania Barron. But I can't show you that. So I'll show you other stuff instead. )


- The Witchen Kitsch™ line of paintings is going to be a series of figurines.


- I'm working on three new series of New Age, Pagan, Goddess, Celtic inspired Spiritual art. One of these series is of various Goddesses. We have plans for these Goddess images to be figurines. We have a manufacturer that is interested and I'm so excited about that. *crosses fingers*. You can follow the progress of the Goddess images on Facebook.


- Secret Scents™ (my line of perfume lockets with Charity Holly of Mystic Memories) has gone through tremendous changes over the past year. At one point Charity and I were just about to sell the company to another manufacturer. Then, after careful consideration we decided not to do that. We have very particular ideas about this line. We want it done our way. It's so important to us that the line be as American made as it can be, that the pieces be of incredible quality, featuring unique art and amazing fragrances, all at an affordable price. We have killed ourselves making this happen. But we did it. This fall we'll release the line, made in the USA, with new art, and new fragrances - incredible quality lockets, at an amazing price. The mascot for the line is the little bee image you see above. We'll talk more about bees and their significance to Secret Scents™ in the future. But for now, know that we are hard at work developing an incredible line for you.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of whats on my plate at the moment. It's just all I'm allowed to talk about right now! Thanks so much for supporting my art. Catch me on Twitter of Facebook if you want to chat. My computer is right next to my art desk, so I'm usually around!