New Silverpoint & Sepia Tone Prints!

I've got 8 new prints for you today!

The first is actually a set of 6 prints that are designed to be displayed as a Hexatych.

The original of this work of art is a series of 6 silverpoint drawings on antique book paper. The colorful patterns behind each drawing are original designs by myself. I created the patterns then printed them on fabric. Each of the original drawings is displayed in a shadow box.

I've mainstakingly reproduced each image for you to create the best quality set of affordable giclee' prints I could. I'm so pleased with the results. You can buy the complete set - signed of course - for just $60.00. (Sorry but I will not be offering these images seperately. While they are individual images they are meant to be displayed as whole - the entire set. Please note the image above shows the prints framed - this is for display only. Purchased prints sets are prints only - unframed.)


The next two images I have for you are called 'Specimens'. The original is comprised of two silverpoint drawings - again on antique book paper. The drawings are framed by books. I rescued two Antique books slated for destruction. The books were glued solid and a frame cut out of their covers to accomodate the drawings.

Original diptych on display at Davenport & Winkleperry Gallery

This was a challenge to reproduce for prints. I was unable to photograph the book covers effectively to allow for them to be reproduced as a print. So I've taken the original drawings and created a new work of art entirely - two sepia toned prints. They are available for purchase seperately.

Specimens - Group A

Specimens - Group B








All of these new prints are available for purchase online. CLICK HERE!