Who is Skwerlgrrl?

For a few years now I've used the online handle of "Skwerlgrrl". I own that domain name. I use it on Twitter and a blog. It's fun and I enjoy it.

It all started when our family found a baby squirrel that had fallen out of (or been kicked out of my greedy siblings) its nest. Nicky, our chocolate Lab, found the squirrel and was very distressed on its behalf. We took the little guy inside (after diligently looking for its nest) and over the next few months we raised him up and eventually set him free.

We named him Icarus - because he fell from the sky. We quickly shortened that name to just "Icky" and it stuck.

Being the Mom around here (and since I work from home) I was the one mainly in charge of caring for him. It was a great experience.

I believe it was my friend Steven - upon hearing yet another squirrel story one night online - who christened me Skwerl Grrl. Although I believe the spelling was different.

So that's the story behind my handle/nickname. I get asked this question a lot so I figured I'd better answer it.

I recently gave SkwerlGrrl her own brand identity too - in the form of this flashy charicature of me...as a skwerl.