New Sketches - Facebook & Formspring

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a lovely spring.

After a long winter full of snow we are really enjoying the spring thaw around here!

In art news I recently adapted three of my robotic steampunk girls for a manufacturer. A figurine company hopes to release them as well - figurines. The original drawings did not have legs! Not an insurmountable problem! I simply adapted the pieces so that they "made sense" as 3 dimensional figurines.

You can see these new sketches HERE

I can't wait to see the complete sculptures from these sketches. So exciting! I'll keep you all posted on the progress!

Anyone who knows me knows I love social networking - alas I HATE Facebook! I have such a tumultuous relationship with that place and their incredibly ignorant and invasive privacy policies. While I do have a Facebook account - I primarily use it to keep in touch with friends and colleagues. So if you friend me on Facebook and I decline please don't be offended. I just can't manage Facebooks interface with a large following. It's too much for me. Please consider instead joining my Facebook FanPage. I am active on that page! Here is the LINK.

Also feel free to follow me on Twitter! Or Flickr!

Lastly I also have a account that is a lot of fun. If you aren't familiar with Formspring - basically it is a website where people can ask questions either openly or anonymously of members who have an account. In my case I signed up because when I go to shows and cons I often hear comments from fans and colleagues that they would love to ask a certain person or artist a particular question but they are too shy to ask - or worried that their question will be ill received. Formspring allows you to ask a question anonymously. On the users end - when I get a question - I can choose to answer it or not. So if someone asks something inappropriate or too personal or a trade secret I don't want to share, I can just delete the question.

One thing when submitting a Formspring question. Be clear about what you are asking. Proofread your question and make sure it makes sense. Follow up questions and or corrections to your inquiry are difficult to do on Formspring because of the nature of how it works. Also keep in mind that even though their website claims to email you notifications - I've found their system temperamental. So be sure to check back manually.

Happy Spring!