Digital Painting & Video Tutorials

Hello All!

I finally managed to get around to putting up a few video tutorials for digital painting.


Some backstory.

I came to digital painting about 4 years ago. It wasn't entirely new to me as I'd already had a background in graphic design and fine art. So using the computer to create art seemed like a natural progression to me. In fact for years I've used my graphics programs to mockup ideas for new paintings - manipulate reference materials - play with color schemes etc.

When I started painting digitally the first program I used was Photoshop. And please understand I mean PAINTING. I'm not talking about photo manipulation - which is an art form in its own right.

Another quick note. Lots of people refer to digital art with the term "computer generated". Personally I don't like this term. It is inexact. Computer generated means anything made with the aid of a computer. Your email is "computer generated". And even Digital Art is an imperfect term. Digital Art covers everything from 3d modeling to photomanipulation to Poser images to digital painting.

The art that I make digitally is painted. I sketch out the piece. I block in color. I blend and refine until the image is complete. The only difference between my digital painting method and my traditional painting method is the medium. Pixels versus pigment.

Most of the digital painters I know also paint this way. So please don't ever assume you know how the image was created!

Moving on....

Many digital artists find Photoshop to be their preferred painting tool - and it suits the way they work beautifully. Alas I was not one of them! I couldn't seem to make Photoshop blend the way I wanted to blend. I understood that I needed to adapt to the medium.  Artists always need to work with a medium. You can't force watercolors to blend like oils, you need to adapt to their own unique properties.

But then again - most artists prefer to work in mediums that meld with their natural style - not work against it. For instance when painting with pigments I rarely use acrylics. We just dont' get along. Similarly in digital mediums - when it came to painting in Photoshop it was a struggle.

So when I found Corel Painter I was really over the moon. Corel Painter strives to re-create traditional artist's mediums in a digital space. Unfortunately a lot of people find Corel Painter a little overwhelming when they first encounter it.

This is where good books and tutorials come in handy. There are resources out there. But frankly the number of tutorials and books for painting digitally with Photoshop far surpasses the number for Corel Painter.

Additionally a lot of digital painting tutorials seem to focus either solely on mechanics (how to make a brush from an image capture) or painting technique (how to paint an eye).

Mechanics are good - we need to know how to make the software work for us. We need to know which tool does what and why. But teaching someone how to paint an eye in acrylics or draw one in graphite versus digitally is just not something I find all that helpful. Certainly you need to know how to draw an eye. (I'll probably do just such a tutorial myself at some point) But what I'm saying is that painting an eye digitally and painting and eye traditionally is still painting an eye! It's the MEDIUM that is different.

So I'm hoping to share some of my tips and tricks and what I've learned about painting digitally in the medium that is Corel Painter. I will aim to show you not only the mechanics of the program but how to paint in the medium itself. I hope you find them useful!



P.S. Please check out this blog I just found today that I think is a great resource for digital artists.