Snow, Mac and New Art



Egads! We've gotten a ridiculous amount of snow this winter and for heaven's sake I'm just over it! Thankfully we are nice and cozy with plenty of food and backup generator in case we lose power. Our backup keeps the heat and hot water working and provides full power to 1/4 of the house. So as long as we hang out in the kitchen we can watch tv, play on the computer, surf the net, make food and stay warm. We haven't lost power but its always nice to know we have that just in case.



One thing that has kept me busy over the past few days has been setting up my new Mackbook Pro. Yay! I've wanted a Mac for a while now but it just wasn't in the budget. Because I use so many expensive programs in my work I wasn't just investing in a new computer to make this transition. I had to make sure I could find a way to afford transfer of all the programs as well. Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter were the two biggies. After reading horror stories from other people online who had to deal with Adobe when crossing over to Mac - well I was really anticipating a headache. I'm happy to say they were really wonderful. I had the full Mac version of CS4 in my hot little hands in just a week and only paid $6.00 shipping.

Corel Painter's customer service was less then wonderful unfortunately. I've been a Corel company customer since CorelDraw 3 - that's a long time. (Part of the reason I was a PC based graphic artist is because I started out with graphics in the Sign making industry. In that industry the standard software and machines were all PC based and their application of choice was CorelDraw. As I grew as a designer I moved from the sign industry to print graphics and webdesign - where of course the standard is Adobe Photoshop - a very expensive program. So like many people I made do with what I had - I had a history of software and resources all for PC format and even though I did eventually get Photoshop for the PC - I couldn't afford until very recently to make a full switch. ) Well when I called Corel to get the Mac version of Painter I was very disappointed. They fed me a line that since I had been a digital download customer (which saves them money) They couldn't help me and I had to just buy the upgrade. WOW. I pointed out that if I had bought the box version of Painter I would have had BOTH Mac and PC in that box and wouldn't have to give them any money at all. (The download only provides you with one version) From my perspective they should've confirmed my purchase and just sent me a download link to the compatible version I now needed (that's what their competition did! Although they sent the physical version its still better service)

Well of course I ended up buying the upgrade. They gave me a small discount and sent me download links for both versions which I promptly backed up. Cest la vie.



I'm working on several projects at the moment. One is a commercial for hire project. Its an album cover for truly one of my favorite musical artists. I'm not totally sure if I'm allowed to say much about it yet but I will tell you I've heard the album and it's Brilliant! The cover is coming along just wonderfully too. Can't wait to show it to you.

A personal piece of art I'm working on right now is called Sacred Heart. It's referenced in part from a photo I took of a lovely local model named Jillian. This image is the digital underpainting I'm working on now. The final piece will be oil on canvas. Click the thumbnails below for a larger view.