Happy Halloween Contest!

It's that time of year again! Halloween and Samhain are just around the corner! This holiday is such a favorite for so many people. (I know many who prefer it even to Christmas!)
And kids aren't the only ones who love Halloween - adults do too. While you can find lots of coloring pages, and crafts ideas for kids online , adults sometimes get overlooked.

That's why I'm happy to share a gift with you. A Kitchen Witch coloring page - based on my piece "Secret Recipes" from the Kitchen Witch set of my Witchen Kitsch series.

The series was inspired by the traditional Kitchen Witch decoration which was a good luck talisman found in many cultures. My witches ride whisks and spatulas, and proudly display delicious baked goods from their charmed kitchens.

A Kitchen Witch is a decoration that can be displayed in our kitchen year round for good luck. She's not just for Halloween!

Feel free to download, print out, and color your very own Kitchen Witch.

Click the image to view it full size. Then right click and choose "save as"

© Brigid Ashwood 2010 - not for resell or distribution

Now that you have your coloring page-  you might want to enter for a chance to win some signed prints!

1. Download and color the Kitchen Witch image. You can do so with traditional pigments or digitally on your computer.
2. Join the Facebook FanPage for Witchen Kitsch.
3. Post your completed piece of Art in the Fan Art Halloween 2010 Contest Album before October 31st.
4. On Monday November 1st I will choose 3 winners. These 3 winners will win the complete signed set of 4 Kitchen Witches!
5. Contest is open to US, Canada and Europe.

(If you absolutely cannot enter via Facebook you can post your image on your own blog and post the link in the comments below.)

Backstory for the curious!

Fans of my work might remember a design series I did about 6 or 7 years ago. Four oil paintings of sassy, classic Pin-Up style witches. The series was a hit - and was produced as a set of collectible figurines, and a bunch of other products. Alas, for years only two of the images were available as prints. Being a working artist - some things tend to get neglected in favor of newer or more pressing projects. The last two Kitchen Witches in the series sat - incomplete for years.

During those years people have been emailing me asking when I'll finish the two paintings from the initial four - and when will I make more? I just didn't know. It wasn't so much that it would be difficult to finish the last two paintings. It was more that I knew the series needed to grow - and I wasn't sure how. I wanted the Witches to move out of the kitchen. While the kitchen aspect was fun. It was limiting and I was running out of broom shaped kitchen utensils for the witches to be riding. Finally one day I came up with it. WITCHEN KITSCH. A play on the original name - Witchen Kitsch gets my gals out of the kitchen but stills clues you in on their "vibe".

I'm happy to say that I'm currently finishing up the last of the original four paintings of Kitchen Witches - and I've added two new Witchen Kitsch to the series.
You can check them out here on my website - and join their Facebook Fanpage to submit ideas and keep up to date on new additions to the line.

As always - Thanks for liking my art!!
 ~ Brigid