He is coming... Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde update

Sometimes a piece of art doesn't go the way you planned. But if you are flexible it can turn out to be a really awesome piece despite (or sometimes because of) whatever "went wrong".

Dr. Jekyll was great fun to paint. However I did a few things in the beginning of the painting process that came back to bite me in the butt when it was time to format him for prints.

I had planned to paint Dr. Jekyll in acrylics - because of that I prepared the substrate a particular way. In fact I applied a texture to the surface. This was my fatal error.

I started painting the piece in acrylic then decided to switch to oils. The oils looked great. The painting went well. Except...the texture I had applied to the surface is unscannable. The painting looks great in person and the texture adds to its beauty - but when I try to scan the painting the texture is extreme and obscures all the details. We tried to photograph the painting and while we were able to get a good photo we were not able to get a photo good enough to make prints from.

Soooo....I had a dilemma. Ultimately I decided that I had to effectively re-paint Dr. Jekyll digitally in order to get a crisp enough image in order to offer high quality prints.

This meant that I would then also be painting Mr. Hyde digitally. Its important that the two pieces complement each other because they are a diptych and go togther.

In the process of re-painting Dr. Jekyll I made a few changes. Minor changes but I think he looks even better for it.

So here is the last version of Dr. Jekyll


And now - for the one I know you've all REALLY been waiting for.

Here is a sneak preview of the painting of Mr. Hyde.


I'll share more as I progress.

For now I'm off to work on an entirely different painting...mwahahah. One I am really excited about. It's part of the upcoming gallery show.

Later Ya'll!