I Heart Steampunk Shirts - Pre Orders

We're "gearing" up (get it? get it?) for our first run of t-shirts so don't miss out! Be the first coghead on your block to sport this snazzy T. 

Pre-Order your shirt HERE! Click the Picture!

Ladies cut shirt now available!

Shirts are 100% cotton. Your shirt will be shipped to your door in 2-3 weeks. Probably far sooner but we want to play it on the safe side. Size charts are now up on the order page so you can be sure to get the right fit.

American Heart Association: You can also feel warm and fuzzy about your purchase for another reason - I'll be donating 10% of my profits from the sale of this shirt to The American Heart Association.

BTW my use of the royal "we" is not my attempt to get all Kanye West on yo ass - promise. Rather it's because the sublime Shawn Gaston of Clockworks Web Comic fame is collab-ing with me on this venture. Shawn will have some of these shirts on him in person at Archon so you can snag one there if you prefer.