I Heart Steampunk T-Shirts

I am considering having some shirts made.

The challenges for a independent artist when offering products is

a) the cost if you are having them manufactured

and or

B)  the labor if you are doing it yourself.

I don't have the time nor inclination to silkscreen shirts myself so I have them made.

Up till now I've offered shirts via Zazzle. This isn't my preferred avenue.  I don't feel involved enough in the production of the Zazzle shirts and the print options are limited and expensive for me and the customer.

I've looked into the various hipster T-shirt companies and they either have horrific terms for the artist (basically coming up just short of asking for your first born child) or they are not taking on any new artists.

This leaves me with the option of paying to have the shirts printed myself. Which can get costly.

One solution is to keep it simple - start with one color designs only. So that's what we are doing. This should put the retail cost at $25.00 - shipping included.

This is still pricier then the hipster t-shirt companies. But I'm just me. And these t-shirts will be limited and special.

Also I am asking for your feedback. Do you like these shirts? Would you buy one? Which do you prefer?

Option A


Option B


Okay before you throw up let me explain! :) I realize some people might be horrified by Option B and take it as a sign of all that is evil and unjust in the world. But if you know me at all or read this blog - that's my sense of humor. I love things that mock trends and ideals while also conforming to them. (Smells like teen spirit anyone?)

So before you start shouting that an I <3 Steampunk shirt is the virtual anti-christ of the Steampunk genre/lifestyle/movement and the opposite of all it stands for - let me assure you that: Yes I Know. And that's why its AWESOME.

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