Dr. Jekyll Update 8-28

Sorry for the shiny fuzzy pick.

I glazed the whole surface of the painting with a deep sepia glaze and added very dark glazes around the perimeter of the oval frame to create depth. So the whole painting is very wet and shiny right now. Hard to photograph.

He is essentially finished.

But there is one last thing I want to do to this piece. But I have to wait till he's dry and then I have to see if I have the nerve to do it. It's a pretty neat effect I want to do to the surface of this piece and I could end up ruining it in the process. But if it goes well it would be really worth it. I could also do an in between thing and kind of cheat the effect. Trying to decide what I want to do. I'll let you know!


I hope to start on Mr. Hyde later today. Yay!