Steampunk Art Dr. Jekyll Update 7/25

Today I have a few snapshots for you of the painting process and a YouTube video.

(Go easy on me! It's my first YouTube video ever!)

Oh quick note - to begin the painting process I took the sketch that was scanned into the computer and printed it out on my watercolor paper. That saves me the step of having to manually transfer the sketch to the paper.

Also keep in mind that every piece of art goes through what I call the "ugly stages" that's part of the process where things look wonky for a while as the overall piece begins to develop. This piece is in the throes of its ugly stage (which has NOTHING to do with the handsome fella that is the subject!)

taped to the board and painting the edges

glazing over the top of the image with browns, whites and greys

close up with glazes


close up after 2.5 hours painting - one half of face worked on and some clothing


progress after 2.5 hours painting


And here is the video:


I'll post more pics this week when I have more time to paint. Been a busy family weekend!