Steampunk Art - Dr. Jekyll sketch update

Alrighty from listening to Bobbi's feedback I enlarged my initial Dr. Jekyll sketch and really focused on refining his expression.

I also added some mood lighting to give me a feel for how I want to paint the piece. I looked at a LOT of antique daugeuerrotypes and I think I've got the lighting approximated pretty well.

steampunk art dr. jekyllI really worked hard on his expression so let me know what you think. I want his expression to constantly change for the viewer so they aren't quite sure what they are seeing.

One technique for achieving this is to literally give a each side of the face a slightly different expression - not drastic but subtle enough so that the viewers eyes bounce back and forth across the face and can never quite decide what they are seeing.

Hopefully I got it right.

Here is an example of his different expressions.

steampunk art - dr. jekyll - anguish

steampunk art - dr. jekyll - fury

But again all this should hopefully be subtle yet still convey a man whose intense conflicting emotions are boiling beneath a carefully restrained and composed Victorian veneer.

As always I am interested in your thoughts.