Steampunk Art - Dr. Jekyll - #1


I'm currently working on several pieces of art right now but the one that is at the forefront of my attention is a piece inspired by Daniel Proulx the man (and creator) behind Steampunk Rings.

Mr. Proulx posted a series of photos on his Flickr account - some simply of his own handsome self - some in the same clothing but wearing an incredible (and eerie) Steampunk mask made by artisan Tom Banwell .

I knew right away I wanted to create a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde piece inspired by the photos so I immediately wrote them both for permission - which I am delighted to say I received.


The inital sketch was a play on the dual personalties styled after the Joker card from a deck of playing cards. I quickly abadoned this as well, frankly, its a bit played out in contemporary art at the moment. I've seen similar concepts popping up all over the place so I decided it was a no go.

Additionally all the art I create right now has to be made in the spirit of "fitting in" with my upcoming exhibit. I can't branch to far off the overriding theme for the show and a playing card concept - no  matter how cool - wasn't going to fit.

But a daguerreotype would. ;)

See where I am going with this? No? K - let me elaborate.

I LOVE antique daguerreotypes - everything about them. And the particular look of these fantastic photos does influence my exhibit heavily.

So I'll be drawing Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde as two seperate pieces. Part of a pair of faux daguerrotypes that will - when completed be displayed in a hinged frame and mounted behind upholstered mats. The mats will be covered in two different fabrics (respectively) designed by myself (something I've been playing with). The design of each fabric will echo the personality of the man whose portrait they grace. (Ya know fluffy for Jekyll - mean for Hyde).


Now the fun part. I'd love some audience participation on this project. Give me your thoughts and ideas. I LOVE collaborative projects and since this piece started out inspired by fellow artists I think it only fitting that the collboration be ongoing.

And when it is finished - if there is enough interest I have plans to offer this set as a VERY limited edition of say 12 pieces that would be giclee prints with fabric covered mats set in hinged frames.

So without further delay here is the initial sketch for Dr. Jekyll. I am open to feedback. The only point I will make is that I do want his portrait to be reserved to enhance the contrast between the two personalities.

Please feel free to leave your comments below - I've turned off comment moderation so they should show up right away.