Silence is Golden & New Art

God I love silence. I spend much of my creative time in complete silence. It's only thru silence that I can clear out the mundanities of life and allow my creative mind to take over. Silence allows me to hear my inner voice - the creative muse - and through that stillness and quiet the ideas peek out - shyly at first - then eventually boldy till they wrestle and battle with each other for dominion over my brain. Finally one of them jumps forward, slaughters the others (sometimes taking prisoners or devouring the remains of the fallen)and demands to come to life.

Once that happens I can happily turn on some background noise or sometimes music. (Actually I often find music too distracting from the idea at hand - if the music itself is too inspiring I'll have new ideas competeing for attention).

I love my silence. When I don't have silence readily available to me I am PAINFULLY AWARE OF THE FACT. (Summer vacation = child out of school = precious little silence) The creative muse is still there but she's chaos now. The voices of ideas pile up on each other until sorting the laundry takes ages because I simply cannot focus past the din of voices in my head to tell the reds from the whites! GAHHH!!

But thankfully there is dance camp. For a blessed three hours a day I have silence.

Here is some art.


Signed prints available HERE.

Till next time.