The Year Ahead - Artastic!

Greetings fair friends!

Blimey! It seems like ages since I last blogged!

I love and dread the holidays sometimes it seems. It's lovely to see friends and family and celebrate the season, but it's also quite hard for this self acknowledged workaholic to just, relax.

So while we had a lovely holiday, I am glad to be back at work.

This past year has been really something. I've hit a lot of the goals that I had for myself, my art and my career. I'm really thankful for that and for you, the people who like my art and read this blog and seem to be interested in what I'm doing and what I have to say. Thank you.

The year ahead already promises to be interesting, challenging and full of more exciting opportunities career wise.

Being able to work in my chosen creative field is an incredible gift. One that wouldn't be possible without the support of my husband. I'm so grateful for him. He tolerates the sometimes maddening chaos of living with an artist with patience and good humor.

Ick, enough of the sappy stuff now. Onto the future!

This year I've got *counts on fingers* - at least three exciting collaborations with other creative people. I LOVE collaborating with other artists! (I count musicians, painters, writers - anyone creative - as an artist.) I can't wait until I'm able to share some of these projects with you.

In the meantime I will share what I can. A very few of the items on the agenda for this year are:

  • Finish the Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde steampunk painting and offer it for prints!
  • Have my Twitter art opening showcasing the art from my recent exhibit
  • Open up to portrait commissions - info forthcoming
  • Start offering some traditional and digital painting tutorials (not sure exactly how this is going to work yet - stay tuned)

That's just some of what I have planned for this year. So stay tuned and sign up for the mailing list to be sure you don't miss anything!

Oh and in case you missed it! OffWorld Designs T-shirt company is now making the "i <3 steampunk" shirt and the SteamBee shirt! GO HERE to buy!

Happy New Year!