Silverpoint Drawing on Antique Book

Another preview for you!

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Having to view this piece via scan is TRAGIC. Silverpoint is a medium that is just meant to be viewed in person.

Probably the two most noteworthy attributes of Silverpoint drawings are the shimmer and even glare, of the silver on the paper when viewed from various angles. In fact in person you often have to move your body a bit to obtain a variety of perspectives to see the entire image properly. The second noteworthy quality is the resultant "high-key" of a silverpoint rendering. A high-key drawing is one that has mostly light values - with none of the dark values being more than say, 50-60% black.

Because this piece was drawn on antique bookpaper - literally in the book itself - it does not exhibit a great deal of the silver glare in person. This is partly due the nature of the paper it was drawn on and because I was forced to protect this piece with a clear coat of acrylic sealer. It is a delicate piece.

The clear coat has one other benefit though. Silverpoint drawings WILL TARNISH! Some people like this effect - others do not. I personally don't mind either way. However tarnishing will of course affect the key of the drawing, and by consequence could potentially affect the mood of the piece. Subsequently this can change the relationship of the peice to the viewers. That's a risky thing for art. Happily this piece won't go through a transformation.

The piece is titled "Saved by Love" because that is the name of the chapter of this book in which it was drawn.