My daughter observed me working on the piece I am about to share with you. She decided that she loves it - and that all birds everywhere must wear fancy vests from now on. She thinks it will "complete their look - and only enhance their natural cuteness". I think I quite agree.

On a more serious note - I'm very happy with this piece. Of course its rich with symbolism that is personal to me - but I like to think that the elements here are universally applicable - and I suspect that a fair number of viewers might find their own personal meaning in these images.

In real life this piece is a diptych - two paintings that "go together". They are round and will each be framed in their own round black frame. They are oil on panel.

Together they are named 'Ascension'

(Click the thumbnails for larger images)


Individually they are:

Ascension - Part 1 - Delivery

Ascension - Part 2 - Receipt

Honestly Part 1 is not completely finished - I've a few shadows to put in - and some blending of the background. But I wanted to share them today so there he is in all his fancy vest splendor.

I will be offering prints of these images - but not till late November - early December. I'll announce when they are available here and on my mailing list.

Have a great weekend!