Art. Words. Design.  -  I am an artist who paints steampunk bugs, clockwork dolls, fairy tales, magick and myth.  I also write stories, have a Podcast called Art Share, and design tarot and oracle decks.

My technique is well rooted in  traditional mediums such as  oil paint and silverpoint. But I  also work  in the luminous tones of the  digital palette; merging the labored craft  of portraiture with the  flexibility of modern mediums.




Brigid Ashwood is a contemporary artist exploring classic themes. With influences and techniques well rooted in old traditions she reinterprets mythic and fairytale worlds for a modern audience. Comfortable in traditional mediums such as egg tempera and silverpoint she also works digitally. Brigid's work is collected internationally and has been featured in exhibits around the country, on television, as well in books and several international magazines. Her images have been licensed for a wide variety of products sold worldwide.


Brigid's Writing and or Art has appeared on:



Faerie Magazine

Weird Tales Magazine

Bull Spec Magazine

Imagine FX Magazine

After a portrait of  Alexander Calder 

After a portrait of Alexander Calder