COLOR: Red-Orange - Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra, the conflict of our foundation, our upbringing and our desires.

KEYWORD: Tradition

NUMEROLOGY: 5 - Change and fluctuation.

DESCRIPTION AND MEANING: In some decks he is referred to as the High Priest, and some interpretations suggest he is the masculine counterpart to the High Priestess. I disagree. Personally I think the Magician, the Hermit, or even the Hanged Man, all have more in common with the High Priestess. In my opinion Hierophant is the opposite of the energy of the High Priestess card. 

Older Tarot decks call this card “The Pope” and certainly all of the symbolism of the card confirms his identity. A.E. Waite says “He is the ruling power of external religion.”  This card represents tradition, the Patriarchy, conformity, the “Establishment”, and Puritanism.

The numerological symbolism of this card is fascinating to me, because if you look at the Hierophant he is at the center, flanked by two pillars and two devotees. So he has the safety of the foundations of the organization he represents at his back, and two willing initiates at his front. He is insulated. 

REVERSED MEANING: Promiscuity, resolution, propaganda, bad advice.

IN A READING: Smash the Patriarchy!