THE EMPRESS: Fourth of the Major Arcana 



COLOR: Green - Heart Chakra. “I Love.” Love Relationships, Compassion, Empathy, Emotion.

KEYWORD: Development

NUMEROLOGY: 3 - creation, the first stage of growth 

DESCRIPTION AND MEANING: A regal woman sits on a throne covered in richly embroidered pillows. She wears a crown of twelve stars (sacred number: months of the year, zodiac, hours on a clock, etc) and holds a scepter. The symbol of her ruling planet, Venus is on her shield. Before her lies a field of wheat (fertility), behind her a lush forest of Cypress (another symbol of Venus) and Deciduous trees. A waterfall runs through the forest, a symbol of emotion and the subconscious. Her dress is decorated with pomegranates, another symbol of fertility. Some have suggested that in the Rider Waite deck she is drawn as pregnant, others disagree. In my own re-drawing of the Rider Waite deck I have made her obviously pregnant.

The Empress represents the Earth Mother archetype. She is the universal feminine energy. Some interpretations of this card place strong emphasis on the gender energy, suggesting that a reading with this card in it means you should connect to your feminine energy by “treating yourself to a spa day” etc. I really don’t interpret this card in a gendered way. Personally, to me, it’s all about creative energy and the incubation of your passions. This card encourages the nurturing of creative drive, care and feeding of our ambitions. It may represent the arrival (or need for) a new project or chapter in your life. 


IN A READING: Surprise you’re pregnant! New project, or the need to go in a new direction. A mother-type person.