RULING PLANET: Mars (Zodiac Aries)


KEYWORD: Security

NUMEROLOGY: 4 - practicalities, stability

DESCRIPTION AND MEANING: A.E. Waite remarked, that while it is tempting to see the Emperor and the Empress as a pair—representing a couple, and married life—that is not necessarily the case. They should be viewed separately, as the embodiment of their gender’s sovereignty. The Emperor is the often thought of as the Patriarch of the Tarot. But his symbolism is traditional masculine authority and energy. This is no King of Cups. The Emperor sits on a throne with FOUR RAMS HEADS DAMMIT. He is strength, power, and bad-assery. He conquers, he provides, his wisdom is flawless. But don’t expect him to coddle you. He is raw ambition, authority, attainment of status, leadership, pursuit of material wealth, and financial stability.

REVERSED MEANING: Tyranny, abuse, neglect, hopelessness, chaos.

IN A READING: This card is figurative in that it’s often read as representing an actual person. If it does, it’s probably a boss, or male figure of authority or female figure in a position that is traditionally associate with male power. If not a person the card can represent the government, or a professional governing body.