I'm so honored when people ask to permission to have my art tattooed. A reputable tattoo artist will require that you have a signed release from an artist in order to use their art as a basis for your tattoo. I offer these signed releases FREE of charge. Simply get in touch via my Contact Page and I'll be happy to help you.

However - please consider purchasing a print of your tattoo from me. It's a small compensation to me for the rights to use my art, and it gives you a signed, high quality print of the art you wish to use. (Images of my art found on the internet are low-resolution and not a good basis for a quality tattoo)

I offer a Tattoo Permission Kit that has everything you need to take to your tattoo artist to have one of my images tattooed.  So to make it easy on you I've come up with this simple kit. 

~ You get a SIGNED GICLEE' PRINT of YOUR CHOICE (remember to tell me what print you want in the check out notes!) 

~ You also get a Black and White copy of the image to assist your tattoo artist with shading and placement. 

~ You also get a SIGNED release letter letting the tattoo artist know that they have my permission to use the art. 

The letter says: 

This letter grants permission to (your name) for the non-exclusive 
one time only use of the image titled: (Image Title) for the purpose of reproducing named image as body art in the form of permanent tattoo.
Permission is also granted for modification of the
image per the tattoo recipients discretion to accommodate
their vision and satisfaction.

Brigid Ashwood retains all original rights to the image. 
The image may not be used by any other party for any 
purpose without express written permission from the artist.